Monday, December 05, 2016
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St Anne's, Syston

Organ Console:-

Console and Pipes:-


This is a comparatively modern organ sitting in this  attractive medieval church.  Built by Walker in 1965, it is a delight to play.
Flautino  2
Mixture   15   19   22
Nazard  2
Flute  4
Gemshorn  4
Gedakt  8
Gemshorn  8

Bourdon  16
Dulciana  16
Bass Flute  8
Octave Flute  4
Octavin  2
Fifteenth  2
Octave Quint  2 2/3
Dulcet  4
Principal  4
Dulciana  8
Open Diapason  8
Stopped Diapson  8

4 Thumb and Toe  Pistons each  to Great and Swell  together with a Reversible Great to Pedal toe piston. 

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