Monday, December 05, 2016
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St Mary and St Edward, Barrow Gurney

Organ Console:-

Console and Pipes:-

History & Specification:-

The Old Church was substantially restored between 1887 and 1891by the owner of Barrow Court, Henry Martin Gibbs.

The organ dates from that time.  It was built by W. G. Vowles of Bristol and has the nameplate on the integrated console, and restored by Percy Daniel & Co. of Clevedon.  However, the organ placed in its own loft high above the right hand side of the chancel, seems to be substantially in its original state, with high tracker action, a radiating pedal board with a central balance swell pedal.  Original brass candle holders are still in occasionally use.

The organ is a very pleasant souding instrument and its power belies its comparitaly small specification.
Oboe  8'
Cornopean  8'
Fifteenth  2'
Principal  4'
Voix Colestes  8'
Saliconal  8'
Stopt (sic) Diapason  8'
Open Diapason  8'
Nineteenth  11/3
Fifteenth  2'
Block Flute  4'
Principal  4'
Stopt (sic) Diapason  8'
Open Diapason  8'

2 lever combination pedals to each manual on the pedal board.

Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

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