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David Briggs Phantom improvisation

David Briggs Phantom improvisation


Wed 5 Oct 2022    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Christ Church
Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH
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David Briggs provides a live improvised organ soundtrack to the 1910 classic film “The Phantom of the Opera”

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The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney is a classic of the silent horror era. Based on Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel it is the story of a deformed, masked Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House causing death and destruction in an attempt to make the women with whom he is obsessed a star.

Lon Chaney was widely lauded for his role as the eponymous Phantom, including his remarkable make-up which is still startling even today. The film also makes use of a combination of early colour techniques to add to the drama, most noticeably at the masked ball, where the phantom appears in a striking red outfit and skull mask.

The organ at Christ Church has recently benefitted from extensive repairs and improvements as BDO&A members experienced during our September visit with an opportunity to play. David Briggs will no doubt demonstrate its capabilities to the full with a unique, improvised, accompanying soundscape.